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Wild About Florida

Wild About FloridaWild About Florida - South FloridaISBN: 978-0-9798087-5-3Global Authors Publications

Wild About Florida – South Florida
ISBN: 978-0-9798087-5-3
Global Authors Publications
Kathleen and Martin Walls

5.5 X 8.5 Trade Paperback

Color Book

Pgs: 104

Price: $16.99

June 2008

Geography has dealt Florida a lavish hand when it comes to natural gifts. The Sunshine State is filled with unusual flora and fauna. South Florida is home to the endangered Florida panthers and the only North America crocodiles. The Everglades swarm with wildlife from birds such as wood storks, ibises, flamingos, roseate spoonbills and dozens of others to mammals such as black bears, bobcats, fox squirrels and raccoons. When it comes to reptiles, you will find more alligators than you ever dreamed of as well as gopher tortoises, caimans, green anoles, five lined skinks and hundreds of other snakes, turtles and lizards.

Take a boat ride into the surrounding waters of the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico; you will find dolphins dancing in your wake.

Drop on down to Big Pine Key, which is the only place you can encounter the tiny Key deer in the wild. You will probably spot a few sun-loving iguanas as you island hop through the Keys.

South Florida’s plant life is also abundant and rich. From the native mangroves, which are at the root of the food chain to the colorful exotic Brazilian pepper, which threatens native plant life but seems impossible to eradicate to the delicate wild orchids, which thrive on air alone, your senses will be overwhelmed by the color and variety.

Then there are also all the refuges, preserves, parks and zoos that make South Florida a nature lover’s paradise.

Wild About Florida- South Florida is a guide no outdoorsman- or woman- should be without. It lists those hard to find places and provides the inside scoop on those magnificent spots you might never find on your own. It portrays Florida’s wonders with original full color photographs.

Of course, you will also want Wild About Florida – Central Florida and Wild About Florida – North Florida. Even if you are not living in or visiting the Sunshine State, this series is a great way to glimpse the wondrous natural side of Florida.

To order call 904-425-1608, email or go to

Hosts With Ghosts: Haunted Hotels in the Southeast

Author:Kathleen Walls
ISBN: 978-0-9779680-7-7
Price: $19.99
Size: 6 X 9 Soft cover trade
336 pages Published by Global Authors Publications


Available from author, publisher, Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Lightning Source and many fine bookstores.

If you plan to travel in the Southeast and enjoy travel with a little something more, this book is a must.

The South has long been famous for its Southern Hospitality. Hotels throughout Dixie vie with one another to offer their guests more service and more amenities. They strive to make each visitor feel like a cherished family member instead of a paying customer.

When you visit a hotel, you expect more than a temporary roof over your head while you travel. You want to immerse yourself in the flood of history that has engulfed the spot you visit. Perhaps you seek a Colonial ambience in Virginia or a touch of Civil War drama in Georgia or Alabama. Or you may want to relive the brash frontier past of Texas, Kentucky or Tennessee. Maybe you wish to experience the Creole flavor of Louisiana or Mississippi’s rural heritage. In Florida, much of its history has been influenced by its tropical and subtropical climate. Some of the states included in this book, like North and South Carolina have a culture so diverse you can expect to find a totally different experience depending on which part of these states you visit.

You want to experience this flavor when you travel. This book is set up for you as a traveler. I have offered the most interesting sights whether they are historic places, fun attractions or off the wall less known sights that might be missed in some guidebooks. In some cases, I have arranged them in chronological order to give you a better historical picture of the area. Sometimes, I placed them for convenience of driving to them. I included both haunted and non-haunted, as I know you want to see all each area has to offer.

Many of the most interesting hotels in the Southeast have an edge on making you feel part of their states’ heritage. They are housed in historically significant buildings. All old buildings retain a trace of the historical elements that shaped their destiny. Ah, if only their walls could talk! Of course I can’t tell you all about all the best hotels in Dixie. There are far too many. But I can let you in on the secrets hidden behind the doors of some of the ones with that little something extra, their very own historical spirits. Some are large, corporate owned resorts. Some are so tiny they are now considered bed and breakfasts or inns even though they were once hotels. Some are not what you consider a traditional hotel. They all do have one thing in common.

These are the Hosts With Ghosts!

What travel experts say about this book:

“What a fun read! I learned a lot I didn’t know before!”

Nancy S. Millar, Vice President and Director, McAllen TX Convention and Visitors’ Bureau

“Great!” Ruth Sykes, Vice President, Media Relations & Marketing, Macon, GA Convention & Visitors Bureau

“What a wonderful, comprehensive haunted history.” Beth Krauss, Media Relations Manager, Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau

“Wow great job!  Love your work.” Lorrie Allen, Tourism Sales and Marketing Manager,Amelia Island Tourism Development Council

Finding Florida’s Phantoms
ISBN 0-9742161-9-4
Retail Price $14.99
Page Count 188

Published by Global Authors Publications


Florida! The land of sunshine and wide-open beaches. But even the Sunshine State has its dark secrets. Places where centuries old spirits remain tied to earth. Beneath the façade of fun and make believe lurks the real Florida.

Settled by often cruel conquistadors, Florida was Europe’s first stronghold in the New World. The blood of Spanish, French, English and Native American had stained its verdant woodlands and sandy beaches long before it became part of the United States.

Even then, greedy land barons and simple settlers battled the heat, hurricanes, insects and snakes to create the paradise we know as modern Florida. Is it any wonder that unexplainable tales and strange phenomena still remain just below the surface?

What others say about Finding Florida’s Phantoms:

“…you can’t go wrong with this combination travel guide and ghost story collection.” ¾ Nina M. Osier, author of Love, Jimmy: A Maine Veteran’s Longest Battle and Rough Rider

Florida’s Phantoms will not only entertain you, but also entice you to search out these historic Florida haunts to experience for yourself.” James A Graves, Jr., author of Aftermath I: The Fight For Survival and Aftermath II: The Deadly Game

“Ms. Walls takes you by the hand and leads you through the centuries of history – and ghosts – that make the beautiful state of Florida what it is today.” ¾ Kristie Leigh Maguire, author of Desert Heat, No Lady and Her Tramp and Emails from the Edge

“…provides readers with a unique twist to the tired old tourist guide. Walls challenges readers to explore the “other side” of the Sunshine State – a world of legends and lore that few have explored.” ¾ Melissa S. James, author of American Woman American Strong and Stolen in the Storm

“Along with history comes a multitude of secrets and mysteries. Kathleen Walls has uncovered a great many of them in her book, Finding Florida’s Phantoms. Not only is this little book filled with some wonderful ghost stories and scary places, it also has all the information a traveler might need to find a great place to eat, stay or see a local spirit.” Leigh Neely, features editor with The-Daily Sun.

A Confederate Girl's Diary

Sarah’s Story: A Confederate Girl’s Diary
ISBN: 0-9766449-3-2
Published by Global Authors Publications

If you were the beautiful daughter of a wealthy judge, life in Louisiana in the years before the War Between the States was heavenly.

1862 brought a crashing halt to the good times. Life became hell on earth

No account of this time is more poignant and more revealing of the real life of those who kept the home fires burning.

A passionate tale of life in the South during ‘the War’ told as only one who lived it could tell it.

Excerpts from Sarah’s Story:

This is a dreadful war, to make even the hearts of women so bitter! I hardly know myself these last few weeks. I, who have such a horror of bloodshed, consider even killing in self-defense murder, who cannot wish them the slightest evil, whose only prayer is to have them sent back in peace to their own country, – I talk of killing them! For what else do I wear a pistol and carving-knife? I am afraid I will try them on the first one who says an insolent word to me. Yes, and repent for it ever after in sackcloth and ashes. O! if I was only a man! Then I could don the breeches, and slay them with a will!

If some few Southern women were in the ranks, they could set the men an example they would not blush to follow….

And this is WAR! Heaven save me from like scenes and experiences again. I was wild with excitement last night when Miriam described how the soldiers, marching to the depot, waved their hats to the crowds of women and children, shouting, “God bless you, ladies! We will fight for you!” and they, waving their handkerchiefs, sobbed with one voice, “God bless you, Soldiers! Fight for us!”

We, too, have been having our fun. Early in the evening, four more gunboats sailed up here. We saw them from the corner, three squares off, crowded with men even up in the riggings. The American flag was flying from every peak. It was received in profound silence, by the hundreds gathered on the banks. I could hardly refrain from a groan. Much as I once loved that flag, I hate it now! I came back and made myself a Confederate flag about five inches long, slipped the staff in my belt, pinned the flag to my shoulder, and walked downtown, to the consternation of women and children, who expected something awful to follow. An old negro cried, “My young missus got her flag flyin’, anyhow!” Nettie made one and hid it in the folds of her dress. But we were the only two who ventured. We went to the State House terrace, and took a good look at the Brooklyn which was crowded with people who took a good look at us, likewise. The picket stationed at the Garrison took alarm at half a dozen men on horseback and ran, saying that the citizens were attacking. The kind officers aboard the ship sent us word that if they were molested, the town would be shelled. Let them! Butchers! Does it take thirty thousand men and millions of dollars to murder defenseless women and children?



ISBN 0-9728513-9-9

Published by Global Authors Publications


After a painful divorce, Casey returns to the haven of her childhood, her great grandmother Weesie’s tiny log cabin. Nestled deep in the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia, the cabin rekindles memories of her happiest years as a young child enjoying Granny Weesie’s tales of treasure. Casey seeks a peaceful refuge she will share only with her cat, Smokey. These ancient mountains are part of her blood and her culture. The beauty and the customs have always been sacred to her. However, much more than early memories await Casey in Bluejay, Georgia.

By chance, or was it design, Weesie’s childhood diary turns up in the cabin. The scrawled pages transport Casey back into the late nineteenth century. Far from finding the peaceful time she expects there, she uncovers a web of adultery, murder and intrigue that threatens to entangle Casey’s twenty-first century life.

That life threatens to become more complex when her new neighbor turns out to be a handsome victim of his own marital disaster. Lee Schmidt has vowed never to let another woman mangle his life.

As Casey is drawn deeper into Weesie’s life and times, her “real” life becomes more complicated by her growing attraction to Lee. Some strange occurrences happen in the cabin mirrored by tales of ghostly sightings in her family history. Her involvement with things past increases. As she travels back to 1879 via Louisa’s diary, she meets an intriguing cast of characters. Donald Stuart, her “sister” Lillith’s faithful lover, David, his evil hearted twin brother, Ma and Da Garrett, Louisa’s parents and her own direct ancestors, and the other inhabitants of early Bluejay.

What others say about Kudzu:

“As I read Kudzu I realized that I could not write about just one character in the book. Even though I have to admit (as an ex-Georgia Cop) that I could certainly associate with the Georgia Sheriff that Ms. Walls has written about. This book is so authentic that, as I read it, I actually felt like I was living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. This book is definitely a page-turner. The authenticity of the characters gives the reader the feeling that you have actually lived in the area you write about. Kudzu is excellent reading for everyone who has lived in the South. This is a must read!”

Reviewed by award-winning author, Bobby Ruble, author of Have No Mercy and co-author with wife, Kam, of Black Rosebud: Have No Mercy II.

“Suffering from the aftermath of a painful divorce, Casey retreats to her Grandmother Weesie?s cabin in the Appalachian Mountains to recuperate. She remembers fondly the days of her childhood that she spent with her grandmother at the cabin in Bluejay, Georgia. It seems as though Bluejay would be the idyllic place for a safe haven and the chance to start over with a new life.

But all is not as it seems?

Casey discovers her grandmother?s diary. As Casey reads the diary, she finds herself transported back in time to the days of Bluejay, Georgia in the 1800?s. What happens next defies explanation. Casey finds herself actually living the life of her Grandmother Weesie.

What she discovers is anything but peaceful and idyllic?

Kathleen Walls has combined mystery, intrigue, time travel and romance into one irresistible package in Kudzu. You won?t be able to put it down..”

Reviewed by Kristie Leigh Maguire, author of Desert Heat, Emails from the Edge (The Life of an Expatriate Wife) and co-author along with Mark Haeuser of No Lady and Her Tramp.

Excerpt from Kudzu


March 10, 1879, Bluejay, Georgia

Louisa crept out of her rope bed and down the loft’s ladder. She didn’t put on her boots until she stood in the moonlight outside the cabin door. Her thoughts tumbled like water in a mountain stream. She had to catch Lillith. She wasn’t sure what she could say to her beautiful big sister but she couldn’t stand what was going on. She knew Lillith was going to meet Preacher Jonathan at the barn in the hollow between their cabin and the big house on the hill. It ain’t fittin’. I know the preacher is so handsome but he’s married. Got a li’l ‘un and his wife is al’ays so sick. T’aint right what Lillith was doing sneaking out to sleep with a married man and him a preacher man at that.

Louisa hurried between the pines and holly berry that bordered the rock-strewn path. Sprouts of that new plant, Kudzu, that Mr. Stuart had brought back from Philadelphia to control erosion were taking root in the sunny spots near the barn. In the distance, she thought she heard a gunshot. She stopped on the edge of the clearing to gather her thoughts. At that moment, Lillith burst from the ragged opening where once two double doors had stood. She passed within inches of Louisa but didn’t see her. I’ll just go on in and talk to Preacher Jonathan, she thought. I’ll make him see he’s doin’ wrong. He’s got a wife. The thought crept unbidden into her mind. If’n his wife died, there’s someone else who loves him more’an Lillith ever could. I would make him a fine true wife. Lots of girls marry at thirteen around here.

When her eyes adjusted to the gloom of the barn, she knew the preacher wouldn’t have to worry about women problems any more. He lay on the straw in the first stall. There was a small hole in the center of his forehead and a pool of blood on the floor.

Chapter 1

2002, Bluejay, Georgia

Casey leaned on her shovel and admired her work. It had taken all day. Her auburn hair was flecked with hay from the mulch and her hands were smeared with manure. Her jeans were red at the knees and seat from the Georgia clay. To call her shirt disreputable would have been complementary. She was exhausted but totally self satisfied as she surveyed her new garden. The morning’s backing breaking work was worth it. Her garden was planted and if the unseasonable weather continued she would be feasting on its bounty soon. The manure she had painstakingly hauled in tubs from the Track Gap Stables had darkened the earth to rich brown and the tomato, okra, squash and watermelon seedlings stood like proud toy soldiers.

Movement up the hill at the old Stuart house caught her eye. Rumors around town were rampant. Someone had moved in but no one seemed to know more than that. The huge old farmhouse had been boarded up for several years. Casey had heard that it had once belonged to some distant family connection but she was a bit foggy on just how it fit into the family tree. Someone had purchased it and had been repairing it. Casey suppressed the pang of envy at the thought of someone else acquiring her dream house. As a tiny child, she had stood right here with Granny Weesie and listened to her tell about the people who lived in it now and who had lived in it when Granny was young. Casey couldn’t recall a single name now except “Stuart”. No point being a dog in the manger, she told herself. Her divorce had left her poor as the proverbial church mouse. She could never afford the Stuart place even in its present rundown condition.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, two brown and tan explosions of energy erupted from the underbrush directly into her new garden plot. They rolled, romped and trampled until nothing was left standing. “Get! Shoo! Scram you beasts! The dogs ignored her and continued the total devastation of her garden.

Nothing she could do seemed to get their attention but when Smokey, her fluffy black cat moved into their line of vision, they were out of the garden like a shot. Smokey headed up the nearest pine tree. They settled in at the base and began howling and barking as Smokey calmly surveyed his pursuers from the first branch.

At that moment, a man emerged from the path leading uphill to the Stuart Place. “Tater. Snuffy! Quit that racket. Get over here.” He had spoken in a low voice but the dogs instantly stopped barking and ran to his side.

He stooped indulgently rubbed their backs. “Sorry if they upset your kitty, Ma’am.”

He looked up at her with the most incredibly blue eyes she had ever seen. When he straightened up, he must have reached at least six feet. His Levi’s fit him well and left no doubt of his masculinity even if his rugged face hadn’t proclaimed that same fact. Any other time she might have been impressed with his craggy good looks but the memory of the hours of tilling, digging, removing the endless rocks, working in the smelly manure, all now wasted effort thanks to his unruly pack of hounds, enraged her. “Those beasts should be on chains! They’re vicious!” she exploded. “Look what they did my garden.”

“They are not vicious. They’re just puppies.” He rose to his full height and looked down at her with a smile playing around his mouth. “Besides any fool knows you can’t plant any of that stuff and expect it to grow. We’re sure to have at least one more freeze up here.”

“Why you arrogant jackass! You’re trespassing on my property and so are those hateful hounds from hell you set louse on my garden! And you dare call me a fool?” She fumbled for threats dire enough, more to repay his insult than his dogs’ damages. Ray had always called her names, most of them worse than “fool”. She had taken enough of that during her marriage. Ray had always tried to belittle her and make her feel like a stupid “little woman”. Now that she was through with her ex-husband, she was never going to let another man put her down. Her emerald eyes flashed a warning fire. “Do you realize I could sue you for damages?”

“Whoa, lady. We’re not in Hotlanta. Up here in the mountains, neighbors settle their differences among themselves not in law courts. I have every intention of repaying you for the damages the pups did. I just wanted to point out it’s too early to plant vegetables up here yet.”

She was furious and he didn’t seem to consider the situation more than an amusing incident, probably something to recount to his hunting buddies next time he and his hounds from hell went out to shoot some poor frightened deer. That, on top of everything else, caused her control to break like a raging flood over a dam. “Well, thank you very much for the weather report. A dumb little gal like me couldn’t know if some big, strong man didn’t tell her.” She let the sarcasm sink in for a moment then threw down the shovel and glared at him, “Listen, Bubba, If I want a weather report I turn on the TV. I don’t need any advice from a dumb hillbilly. You probably plant by the signs, too!”

He chuckled, “Matter of fact, I do.”

Enough was enough. “Get off my land! Now! Take those- those beasts with you”, she screamed.

“Yes, ma’am. Anything to oblige a ‘lady’” He sauntered calmly back up the hill….

Man Hunt

Man Hunt

Man Hunt – The Eric Rudolph Story
ISBN: 0-9742161-2-7
Published by Global Authors Publications

Not since Robin Hood has any fugitive spawned this many myths and legends.

Man Hunt will look at the man behind the myth.

Who is the real Eric Rudolph?

What are the influences that produced him?

How was he able to elude the FBI’s best agents for so long?

As timely as today’s headlines.

Author Kathleen Walls lives just 20 miles from where Eric Rudolph was captured. She has camped and hiked frequently in the Nantahala Forest where Eric Rudolph hid during the past five years. She has shopped and dined in Murphy, Andrews and Nantahala where he lived. She has also lived in his birth city of Merritt Island Florida during the same time period as the fugitive and his family. She has visited Fort Benning, Homestead, and almost all of the places significant in Eric Rudolph’s life.

Praise For Man Hunt- The Eric Rudolph Story

Good job Kathleen, the public will enjoy reading this and learn from it! J. Donald Oakes, ( author of The Stump’s on Fire and I’m Naked.

Kathleen Walls has written a true-life thriller with Man Hunt, a thrilling ride into a case and situation that has transfixed the nation. Lighten up your wallets for this one, folks.
Ed Williams, author of Rough As A Cob: More of The Juliette Journals.

Provides as close a look at the inner workings of his mind as anyone can possibly do. Man Hunt is a must read book for anyone who is familiar with the Eric Rudolph story.

Kristie Leigh Maguire, published author

The research Ms. Walls has put into this book makes the reader feel he knows Rudolph and the way he thinks and feels. Rudolph who eluded Law Enforcement agencies throughout North Carolina and was finally captured by a rookie cop became a sort of folk hero to those in the mountains of North Carolina. Ms. Walls has written a really superb and highly interesting book that takes you on the ride with Eric Rudolph from his early years until his capture.

Award-winning author, Bobby Ruble-Have No Mercy and Black Rosebud: Have No Mercy II and former Chief-of-Police in Kennesaw, Georgia.


Who is Eric Robert Rudolph? Arresting officer Jeff Postell found him cooperative and respectful. His Nantahala ninth grade teacher, Angie Bateman, recalls him only because of one essay he wrote in her class. Doyle Grant knew Eric as a polite and competent carpenter who worked on the Grant home. According to an interview Grant gave the New York Times, “It was always ‘Yes, ma’am’ and “Yes, sir.’ I never heard a swear word out of him.”

Another man, John Glenn, who hired the 18 or 19-year-old Eric, along with a brother and a friend, to work on his home tells a very different story. “He was a lousy carpenter. He was a poor student, a bad soldier, and an incompetent bomb maker. He built a bomb to try to kill hundreds of people and only killed two. I would say he wasn’t even good at that. The only thing I would say was he was a good survivalist.”

Who is this person who allegedly set off four bombs that took 2 lives and wounded more than 150 others?

A ninth grade dropout and a college student, an anti-government dissident who enlisted and served 18 months in the army; everything about this man is paradoxical.

To begin to understand the complex mass of contradictions that is Eric Rudolph, you need to go back. Way back …

Eric was the fifth of Patricia and Robert Rudolph’s six children. Even his birth was unusual. He was born at home in Merritt Island, Florida on Sept. 19, 1966. Robert was an aircraft mechanic. Perhaps the first seeds of distrust of authority were sown when Eric was in his early teens. Robert was diagnosed with Melanoma, a deadly strain of skin cancer. While fighting for his life, there appeared to be one drug that the family believed might have helped-Laetrile. Sadly, it was not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The family tried to obtain the drug by legal means in this country. They failed. They did finally succeed in getting it from Mexico but either their faith was misplaced in the “wonder cure” or it was too late.

When the cancer took his father in 1981, young Eric must have felt betrayed by the government. Perhaps the seeds of discontent with a government that fails to help some of those who need it most were already flourishing in his fertile mind. By all accounts, both parents had a lack of total trust in “the system.”

His mother, Patricia, was a free thinker, a product of the “Beatnik” era. She prided herself on being an intellectual. In an interview with USA Today, she described herself as “a pacifist”, an “anarchist”, “anti-government” and a “Christian.”

Patricia grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When and where she met and married Robert Rudolph remains unknown to the public. She was at least in her late teens or twenties. Obviously, she was always seeking answers in religion. As a young woman, she entered a Catholic convent and became a novice, the first step towards becoming a nun. She left before her final vows. Perhaps it was then that she began her quest for a faith that would fulfill her needs. She obviously included her children on that religious quest. She also brought her family up to look beyond the obvious. Nowhere is there any record of her using violent means to accomplish her goals. She believes her son could not be guilty of the things he is accused of because, “He was not taught violence at home.”

She fears the government will fabricate the evidence against Eric. “What they are trying to do is build a case. They are matching nails and crazy things like that. Well, who doesn’t have nails in their garage? Why do you think they are building this case? Because he made them look like the fools they are.”

Patricia never had much faith in the government. She passed that heritage to her children. But then during the 60’s and 70’s, whose faith in the government wasn’t severely shaken? The Kennedy assassination and the Warren Commission caused many people, with a lot stronger faith in the federal powers that be, to shake their heads in disbelief.

Then there was Watergate. Who of us that lived through that period doesn’t remember our president, the highest official in the land, lying and stonewalling the investigation until even the stupidest supporter had to realize the truth? Add that to the fact that all of Richard Nixon’s henchmen went to prison-granted it was a country club type setting for most-and all he did was resign.

Yes, while Pat Nixon was proclaiming her husband’s innocence, Pat Rudolph might have had just a little more reason to distrust the government.

Last Step

Last Step

ISBN 0-9742161-3-5

Pgs 112

Published by Global Authors Publications

Vickie’s daughter is dead. Just one more dead druggie among the hundreds that die each year in Jacksonville’s drug infested slums. The police aren’t concerned about her drug-related death.

VICKIE needs to find the answer. Was it an accidental overdose, or murder? To find the answer, she must leave her safe life behind and plunge into the terrors of the drug culture. Will the search lead her to love? Or will she end up on a morgue slab, just one more casualty in the war against drugs?

HANK His mistakes caused the death of those he loved most. Drug addiction is his sworn enemy. His chosen life has no place in it for love until he meets Vickie.

JOE His money and power haven’t been able to save his marriage or his son’s love. He seeks Vickie’s love but what are his secrets?

What others have said about Last Step:

“A nitty gritty page turning thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.” — Kristie Leigh Maguire, author of Desert Heat, Emails from the Edge and co-author of No Lady and Her Tramp.

“Written with a deep understanding of the power of drugs over life.”— Cindy Penn, Senior Editor, Word Weaving

“Last Step is a front-row seat on a roller coaster of intrigue.” — Sally G. Laturi, Ivy Quill Reviews

“Memorable characters, a little romance and a straight-forward attack at moving a mystery along.” — Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of This Is The Place, Harkening and The Frugal Book Promoter: How To Do What Your Publisher Won’t.

“…suspense-filled pace and brutally honest imagery.” — J.B. Scott for

“One of the few mysteries I have read with out guessing the villain before the end.” — Beverly A. Rearick for

“…captured perfectly the pain and helplessness felt by those around an addict.” — Kathy Thomason for Murder and Mayhem Bookclub

“This frank look at the underside of the Bold New City of the South will fascinate you and keep you turning the pages.”— Lydia Filzen ,writing as Lydia Hawke, author of Firetrail.



Tax Sale Tactics

Published by Global Authors Publications

ISBN: 0-9766449-2-4

Price $8.99

64 pages

Would you like to start your own real estate empire on a shoestring? Find out the secret of buying property at pennies on the dollar. This book might be the best $8.99 you ever spend.


Tax sales are like loaded minefields on a battleground. The goal is worthwhile, acquiring valuable property for pennies on the dollar. For the unwary, the process is loaded with explosives just waiting for the investor to neglect a legal formality or let a deadline slip past. A piece of homesteaded property may be waving a “Danger” flag that the investor ignores at his peril. Failure to know what you are buying and the process can annihilate the investor’s dream leaving her with a piece of worthless paper instead of coveted real estate.

Getting information from the tax collector’s office can result in just instructions on the mechanism of bidding. They proclaim, “We cannot give legal advice.” Your local library will direct you to the legal statutes of your state. If these were understandable, we wouldn’t have lawyers arguing over each word or phrase of a statute. To make things more complex, laws differ in each state and sometimes from county to county. There are some resources available on the Internet but the prices are exorbitant. Other material is there but difficult to locate. There is a need for information on tax sales in plain terms at a reasonable price. This book will provide all the information you need to get started buying tax certificates and reaping the financial rewards.



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