Posted by: justnaturallyme | November 14, 2013

Old City Music Festival Rocks the Oldest City


The Old City Music Festival

Boy was Sunday night a blast!

My daughter/assistant, Ronni, and I went to the Old City Music Fest at the St. Augustine Flea Market for the low down for my next American Roads Street Party. The outdoor music fest featured one of my all time favorite singers, John Anderson. I have loved his music ever since Swinging steamrollered the County Music charts way back 30 years ago. Giving away my age and his but who’s counting.


John Anderson

The other musicians included Morgan Fraiser, who’s new hit, Hey Bully will bring a tear to any eye and many memories of not-so-fun school days for many of us including Morgan. Then there was St. Augustine’s own hometown boy wonder, Craig Hand, lead singer for a hot new band, Bush Hawg. All the young St. Augustine girls–and some of the not-so-young– couldn’t get enough of him and his band. Uncle Kracker brought his own brand of country to the stage and kept it down to just one bit of profanity. His version of Big Bad Leroy Brown had the audience singing along. It’s contagious. None of us could help ourselves. The real old-timer of the lineup was Kansas, the band not the state. But they have credibly represented the Sunflower State for the last 40 years. Their unique sound had held audiences since Carry On Wayward Son reached number 11 on the charts giving them their first top forty hit in 1977.


Angie Johnson

Another musician on the lineup provided the highlight of the evening for me. I interviewed Angie Johnson, one of Nashville’s fast rising stars and a really nice person to boot. Angie’s story is a combination of perseverance and that one lucky break. The daughter of an air force serviceman father and a Japanese mother, Angie is her own unique blend. She joined the Air Force as she says “because I love my country and because my brother said I wouldn’t do it.”

Angie has always loved music and tried during her time in the Air Force and later while in the Air National Guard to pursue a music career but things never quite jelled for her. She decided to put aside her dream and go to college. Then, while she was deployed on a tour of duty in Southeast Asia, she sang to entertain the troops. One young service person taped her and posted it on You Tube. Suddenly she was in demand. Invited on The Voice, her unbelievably powerful voice made Cee Lo turn his chair. (What were you thinking, Blake Shelton?)

Angie is on her way and stardom is in her future for sure. She really warmed up the audience at Old City Music Festival. If you want to hear a lot more about the festival keep that dial tuned in to American Roads. The winter issue of  is coming out Jan 2014 and there will be a big Street Party with lots of pictures from the festival and the latest news about next year’s festival.


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