Posted by: justnaturallyme | November 11, 2013

Florida’s Green Paradise

Sunset at Rosemary Beach

Sunset at Rosemary Beach

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve been gathering new experiences to share on my next American Roads issue. Visiting Rosemary Beach for a Geiger trip was a real treat. You will find a much more detailed story of that trip in the next issue of American Roads but meantime, just to whet your appetite, I’ll share a few details. I drove up and had great weather for the drive.  When I arrived my precious loft home away from home, Mannion Cottage was all ready and waiting even stocked with a few treats. I had time to acquaint myself with some of the boutique shops and a really well-stocked book store called The Hidden Lantern. Hope they will soon be carrying my books too.  Stopped at the Wild Olive for a few more goodies like some of their great artisan cheese and crackers.


The Pearl Hotel at Rosemary Beach

First night’s dinner was at Edwards. Man did they do us right! Such a relaxing atmosphere too. There is a lovely courtyard with old movies projected on a wall, a musician playing softly  and food that is our of this world. The following day began with a beach walk to work up an appetite for  breakfast at Cowgirl Kitchen, “Where Beach meets West!”  Then we  toured Rosemary Beach. It is such a unique town built around a “green concept” and is totally different from any other place I have visited. There will be a lot more about the way the town is designed and arranged in the winter edition of American Roads article. We managed to visit most of the town’s eateries ranging from a breakfast at Amavida Coffee and Tea our lunches at  Summer Kitchen and La Creama Tapas and Chocolates and leisurely diners at Wild Olive and  Restaurant Paradis.


Mannion Cottage

We all had bicycles from Bamboo Bicycle Company to help work off all those calories.  and along with visit most of the town’s boutiques and seeing some unique properties that are available for sale we had time to visit nearby Eden Gardens State Park. That will rate its own article in a later issue of American Roads. That is just the tip of the iceberg (Of course, the only ice you will find in Rosemary Beach is at their cool New Orleans style Sno-Ball stand.) Hope you are now interested enough to check out the winter 2014 issue of American Roads  for a lot more about this unique place. Winter issue will be online beginning of January but please go and subscribe right now.



  1. This looks adorable! I’ve lived in Florida for 8 years and never heard of Rosemary Beach. It’s definitely on my local travel wish list now. Thanks for sharing!

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