Posted by: justnaturallyme | September 17, 2013

Baby Talk

I always write about travel so today, I am going to share another side of my life. I help feed feral or community cats and do some cat rescue. I recently “inherited” two tiny kittens when they were dumped at a local store. Here is a bit about that experience.

Bottle feeding can be hazardous to your health. You spent an inordinate amount of time cleaning bottles, preparing and warming milk, and then feeding. Afterwards, there is the potty training and burping, not to mention washing up.

Thanks goodness with orphaned kittens it only last for weeks not months. Our two newest babies are now eating on their own. Mork and Mindy, so named because both have a distinct letter “M” on their foreheads. They have big eyes and ears and tiny faces. (People of a certain age, will remember the Mork and Mindy and understand the names.) If you are too young to remember, just ask where Robin Williams got his start.

Some of the problems you encounter are similar to dealing with human babies. Potty training with three to four week old kittens is needed but instead of acquainting babies with a potty chair, you need to rub the kittens little bottoms with a damp washrag to encourage elimination. Their mother normally licks their bottoms  until they “go.”  Once they are going they tend to gravitate towards the litter box. In the beginning they will leave little presents on the floor or their bedding so be prepared for a lot of clean up. It helps to use a small litter box with low sides they can get into easily.

For more about Mork and Mindy check out where you will find the rest of the story and lots of pictures of the kittens.

Do check out the back issues of the news letters for lots of other stories and helpful hints about cats.


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