Posted by: justnaturallyme | July 30, 2011

No Evil Deed Goes Unrewarded

Sometimes it’s a sad world where evil is rewarded and good punished or ignored. We seldom hear about the unsung rescuers of cats, dogs or wild animals. We  do not hear much about those who work to protect children but we always hear about those who do  unspeakable things.

I, like half of the county, followed the Casey Anthony trial. I believe, again along with at
least half of the county, a psychopathic murderer walked out of that Orange County  jail a free woman. It saddens me to see her behavior rewarded financially with such goodies as a $500,000 deal to pose in Hustler Magazine, possible books deals that seem to be being kept under wraps and maybe a movie deal.

This seems to be par for the course. If a famous or infamous name can make money for a company, that is the only  factor being considered. Take Michael Vick.  (In fact please take him far away because I sure don’t want him.) He was convicted of killing and maiming multiple dogs for fun and profit. He pitted the animals in a dogfight ring in fights to the death. Then if any of his dogs lost the fight and survived, he tortured then to death. One was thrown into a pool with electric wires connected to  his
ears. Another was used as a jump rope by Vick and a friend until the animal ‘s bloody body was lifeless and finally unable to feel the pain deliberately inflicted on it just for fun.

At least he served a little time in prison, less than two years. Upon his release, he was rewarded with a megabucks football contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. On July 1, 2011, Nike re-signed Vick as an endorser. Makes you wonder why they would sign such an endorsement deal over a busy fourth of
July weekend when it would slip by most people’s attention as the news focused on local celebrations.

Not to be out-moneyed, Subway awarded Vick their “Sportsman of the Year” award. Sportsman
of the year?  This sociopath who considered forcing dogs to fight and kill one another for some sickos’
enjoyment a “sport” and then beat or electrocuted helpless dogs for his own amusement is a sportsman? Not in my book!

Later in July, another company jumped on the bandwagon to laud the merits of  Michael Vick. Double Eagle Holdings, Ltd, the parent company of Fuse Science, Inc. made him an equity partner. Vick also will endorse Fuse Science as the company’s primary NFL spokesperson. This company make energy drinks and various vitamin and supplement products for athletes. The slogan is Vick, will be “Powered by Fuse.”

There are those who say “Vick served his time. We should forgive and forget. Let him earn his living.” Well I have no problem with an ex-con earning a living. I do have a problem with holding such a person up for admiration and as a role model for America’s youth. He could earn his living at Subway serving sandwiches while he trotted around the counter in his Nikes. On his break, he could enjoy a nice cold bottle of EnerJel.

Meantime, I will quietly go on rescuing feral cats and earning my living as a writer and publisher. Some things I WILL NOT do are wear Nike products, eat Subway sandwiches or drink any energy drinks made by Fuse Science. Of course, he probabaly would not do as good a job as the fine young men and woman who already work there.

And next year, if any of these companies name Casey Anthony “Mother of the Year,” I will not be surprised. Come to think of it, if Vick and Anthony married, they could get all kinds of endorsements as “Couple of the Year.”


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