Posted by: justnaturallyme | September 10, 2008

End of the Trail

Last day of the fam trip was Sunday. We made one stop en route to the airport. The Brown Vs Board National Historic Site. It’s housed in the old Monroe School building. Contrary to common belief this is the Black school not the white school the children  in the class action suit wanted to attend.

Monroe School

Monroe School

The museum was well laid out and really told the story well. One exhibit where you wlaked the guantlet of a narrow passage between film strips of chanting segragationists, large frantically barking dogs just barely restrained on leashes and crowds of news reporters, police, and just angry onlookers, comnveyed the terror the African-American children must have felt when they entered the  formerly all-white school for the first time.

The waiting at the airport in Kanbsas City was a nightmare. I had a late flight, 6PM, booked and was there by noon.  Once through security, there were no resturants or shops. There was free WI FI but it was very sluggish.

Finally back home, I wanted to sleep for a week but there were so  many things to catch up with.

Hope you have all enjoyed my trip vicariously. Do visit my next issue (Oct.) for some stories about this trip.


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